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Capital: Moscow

Currency: Ruble

Language: Russian

Time Zone: UTC +2 to 12




The blend of Churchill's riddle and a mystery inside an enigma is an apt way to describe Russia; many travelers could just discover a hazy idea of the country's realities. This country combines a compact package of the extravagant glories of old Russia and the luxurious legacies of the Soviet era. Most of the natural features such as rivers that are seen meandering around the land make the country more appealing. There are parts of the country where the Sun never sets and this is the most attractive and picturesque feature of the country. The best part of the country is that it invites everyone to visit again and again is its people are disarmingly hospitable and generous. They are friendly and simply love to party and you can definitely feel at home with these great human beings.

This country is known for being covered with snow and having extremely chilling winters. The climate in the country ranges from steppes to humid continental in much of the European part of Russia. The warm and pleasant seasons are between July and August that serves as the peak season for holidays in the country. Though the country looks best when the bitter winter is on its high and the country is wrapped with snow. The warm behavior of the people makes the chilly winters also appreciative and friendly. The official language of the country is Russian, while the people here are well versed with English and speak in it to communicate with the travelers.

The country has the Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow and St. Petersburg Airport in St. Petersburg that serve the country. Most of the flights that fly from the European capitals are handled by Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The best way to visit places such as Kizhi that is one of the most precious sites in all Russia and Lake Baikal better known as the "pearl of Siberia" is by trains or buses that serve the country. Also the country has many hitchhiking clubs that organize competitions and it is one of the safest modes of transportation in the countryside.

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