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Amsterdam Tour Guide

Travel options: Bike, trams and buses

Flights: Lufthansa, KLM, Northwest Airlines

Best time to visit: June - August

Best Hotels: Hotel Okura, Hotel Pulitzer and The Grand Sofitel Demeure

Amsterdam Overview

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Amsterdam is a radical, progressive city that still firmly has its roots set in its colorful past. Though the birthplace of rebels like Vincent Van Gogh and Johannes Vermeer, Amsterdam is most closely associated to Impressionist genius Rembrandt. With so much to see and so many things to do, rent a bike and cycle around town marveling at the architecture. An even better idea is to go on a boat ride and enjoy watching Amsterdam's truest icons- its canals.

1. Points of Interest 
  • Begijnhof
  • Koninklijk Paleis
  • National Maritime Museum
  • Oude Kerk
  • Rijksmuseum
  • Van Gogh Museum
2. Districts 
Amsterdam is segmented into 15 boroughs, which are known as stadsdelen. The most popular ones of these boroughs (stadsdelen) are Stadsdeel, Oost/Watergraafsmeer, Amsterdam Oud-West, Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, Amsterdam Zuidoost, Amsterdam-Noord, Slotervaart and Zeeburg.
3. Geography and climate 
Amsterdam is a small city and fans out to only 219 km² (84.6 sq mi). Its the Westerly winds and the Atlantic Ocean that manipulate the weather of Amsterdam. All in all, this city undergoes a cool temperate and damp weather. Even though winters in Amsterdam experiences frost, it still is not freezing or chilling.
4. Air Travel 
20 minutes away from Amsterdam's central station lies Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. This is the official home of the KLM and is the 4th biggest airport in Europe. In terms of international passengers, Amsterdam's Schiphol is the busiest.
5. Society and culture 
Amsterdam is synonymous to Gemütlichkeit which symbolises the idea of belonging, cosiness and acceptance. Initial émigrés to Amsterdam consisted of Sephardi Jews, Flemings, Westphalians and Huguenots. Since the Twentieth century, one also finds many Indonesian immigrants. These are followed by Turks, Moroccans, Italians, Spanish and many more.

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