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Capital: Amsterdam

Currency: Euro

Language: Dutch

Time Zone: GMT +1




The Netherlands is known to be a geographically low-lying and densely populated country, which is popular for its windmills, clogs (wooden shoes), delftware and Gouda pottery, cheese, dikes, tulips and bicycles. Visitors enjoy the famous tolerant attitude; yes this country is also known for its social tolerance that attracts a lot of people to visit the place to experience a warm and hearty welcome and hospitality. This country has been mostly looked for it's international outlook and open-minded perspective. The best way to get into the country is by flying and landing at the Schiphol Airport that is located near Amsterdam. Also this airport serves as the biggest international airport in the country allowing international tourists to enter the country without many efforts.

The most remarkable aspect of the Netherlands is the flatness, while it has a few hilly landscapes in the southeastern tip of the country. There are attractive glaciers that have exerted pressure to push the hilly ridges such as the Hondsrug in Drenthe, Nijmegen, Salland, stuwwallen near Arnhem, Twente and the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. With such location and geographical positioning the country experiences a predominant wind directed towards the Netherlands, which causes a moderate maritime climate. These winds make the summers of the country pleasantly cool and winters mild and balmy. Tourists can be seen in the country all round the summers that is believed to be the peak season.

The country if compared to the rest of the countries in Western Europe seems to be more secular with many immigrants arriving in the country. Dutch is considered to be the official language of the country that is widely spoken by the inhabitants, except some of the ethnic groups of the immigrants who speak their own language. Also West Frisian is another official language that can be heard in the northern province of Friesland.  

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