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Turin Tour Guide

Travel options: Rail, Metro Torino

Flights: Lufthansa, Alitalia, Meridiana

Best time to visit: November - March

Best Hotels: Le Meridien Lingotto, Le Meridien Turin Art

Turin Overview

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Turin or Torino, the capital of Italy's Piedmont region is a beautiful city with great Baroque architecture. Besides being the nation's car capital (Home to Fiat), it also was the first ever capital of a Unified country. With four rivers running across the city, the city is lush green and has some beautiful landscapes. This city also is an important seat of learning. A big part of their culture is great wine and great food and be sure to indulge in some.

1. Points of Interest 
  • Cathedral of St John the Baptist     
  • Mole Antonelliana
  • Museo Egizio
  • Palazzo Reale
  • Palatine Towers
  • Palazzo Carignano
2. Geography and climate 
Unlike the rest of the country, the city experiences a continental climate. Winter gets foggy. Average summer weather is around 82 °F (27°C) to 80°F (26°C) while winter weather is about 28°F  (-2°C) to 29°F  (-1°C). River Po, Dora Riparia (aka Duria Minor) , the river Stura di Lanzo, and the river Sangone, all criss-cross the city.
3. Districts 
The city's municipality is divided into 10 districts. Each one is called a 'Circocrizioni,' and they are Aurora; Barriera di Milano; Borgo Vittoria; Centro; Mirafiori Sud; Nizza Millefonti; San Donato; San Paolo; Santa Rita and San Salvario.  For eg: Aurora consists of Madonna del Pilone, Sassi and Vanchiglia.
4. Air Travel 
The city is served by the Citta di Torino, located 35 minutes away at a distance of 16km (10 miles) from the Northeast of the city. The airport is very easy and convenient to reach as there are dedicated facilities like buses, trains and taxis that run to and fro from the city.
5. Society and culture 
A majority of the ethnic groups here comprise of Italians. The others here are ins mall pockets. These are people from France, Germany, Italians, Albanians and Greeks. A majority of the population here are Roman Catholic, Jews comprise of about 5% Jewish and the remaining are mostly Protestant.

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