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Naples Tour Guide

Travel options: Metro, trolleybuses, funiculars, buses and trams

Flights: Alitalia, Air One,

Best time to visit: November - March

Best Hotels: Excelsior, Hotel Vesuvio and Renaissance Hotel

Naples Overview

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From silent Caverns to noisy streets to the beach life and all things in between, Naples is one of the best places on earth. As beautiful a city it is, unlike the rest of the country it is not so overwhelming. If the sights and sounds wear you out, spend time savouring the world-renowned Neapolitan cuisine. Any which way you look at it or how high your standards and expectations may be, the city never disappoints to please everyone. 


1. Points of Interest 
  • Il Lungomare
  • Galleria Umberto I
  • Galleria Umberto I
  • Pompei
  • Sorrento    
  • Vulcano Solfatara
2. Geography and climate 
Not just the capital, but it is also the most important city of the Campania region and the Province of Naples. The city undergoes a Mediterranean climate and average summer weather is 29°C (85°F) while average winter weather is around 4°C (40°F).
3. Districts 
Along with other 92 Comuni, the city is part of the province of Naples. Some of the most popular cities, besides itself are Afragola,  Casoria, Castellammare di Stabia, Ercolano, Giugliano in Campania, Marano di Napoli, Torre del Greco, Portici and Pozzuoli.
4. Air Travel 
The city's airport, Naples International Airport is located in the city's Capodichino district. It is managed by BAA Limited, a British airport company. It is located at 7km (4 miles) away from the Northeast of the city's heart.
5. Society and culture 
Unlike the rest of the country, the percentage of immigrants and foreigners in this city is not overwhelming. Nevertheless, you will still find a few, Poles, Ukrainians, Romanians, Albanians, Chinese, North Africans and Sub-Saharan blacks.

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