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Capital: Rome

Currency: Euro

Language: Italian

Time Zone: GMT +1




Italy is Europe's kinky land over the long boot-shaped peninsula that has everything required to make an ideal destination for its tourists. This country is home to dreamy lights and serene landscapes that seem to be perfectly created for romance. Also it carries with it three millenniums of history and culture that seduce just about everyone, to tour the country again and again.The country has been a place where many famous Popes, poets, political puerility, painters and potentates existed. The country does not lack in historical architectures, you can witness the Roman ruins, renaissance art, canals of Venice and the best of all stay in the tiny medieval towns. For those adventurous ones, skiing in the Alps proves to be a great experience. In this country one cannot avoid to indulge into the pleasures of la dolce vita, which is known for the sumptuous food, good wine and lovely wardrobes.
It is quite convenient to get into the country as it has approximately 133 airports serving it to welcome all the international guests. There are two hubs of Malpensa International (near Milan) and Leonardo Da Vinci International (near Rome). Along with these two, international flights also land in Bologna, Naples, Pisa, Venice and Turin. To commute within the country is also easy with trains, buses, cars and boats that serve the country.

Italy is surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Adriatic Sea, bounded by France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia to the north. Depending on the location, Italy experiences a highly diverse climate that seems to be far distinct from the stereotypical Mediterranean climate. Some of the inland northern areas of Italy such as Turin, Milan and Bologna enjoy a continental climate that is often categorized as humid subtropical climate. With such unique positioning and temperatures the country is listed under the most beautiful tourist destinations. This is not the only reason for it to be considered as a good place for a vacation, Italy immensely contributes to the cultural and historical heritage of the continent and is home to a great number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The events and festivals also attract many tourists with their lively and vibrant nature.

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