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Stuttgart Tour Guide

Travel options: Light rail, tram, bus, S-Bahn, taxis, bikes etc.

Flights: Lufthansa,

Best time to visit: June - September

Best Hotels: Am Schlossgarten, InterCityHotel and Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin.

Stuttgart Overview

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The country's wine region, this is where the hard-working people of Germany come to kick back and while away in the beauty of the region's natural bounty. Drink wine, visit the Black Forest region, else chomp down on delicious Gaisburger Marsch and drink the city's world-renowned beer. On the other hand, the city is home to Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Daimler-Chrysler and many more. Come Christmas this city turns into an almost fairy-tale locale. The clincher: It is the greenest city in the entire continent.

1. Points of Interest 
  • Bad Cannstatt Mineral baths
  • Kunstverein
  • Ludwigsburg Palace
  • Neues Schloss and Schlossplatz
  • Palace Gardens
  • Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden
2. Geography and climate 
Stuttgart encompasses an area of 207.36 km² (80 sq mi) and stands at a height of 245 m (804 ft). It is situated in the southern part of Germany in the state of of Baden-Württemberg. The world-renowned Black Forest is less than an hour away.
3. Districts 
The city is divided into 23 city districts. Some of the most popular and established ones are Bad Cannstatt, Degerloch, Möhringen, Stammheim, Untertürkheim (residence of Daimler Chrysler and the first ever Mercedes-Benz plant), Vaihingen, Zuffenhausen (Home to Porsche), Feuerbach etc.
4. Air Travel 
Stuttgart Airport or Flughafen Stuttgart (in German), which is at a distance of 8 miles (13 km) south of the heart of the city in neighbouring Leinfelden-Echterdingen, is the city's principal airport.
5. Society and culture 
The city has a rich culture of arts, music, theatre etc. As much importance as it gives to automobiles, it also pays attention to culinary delights, theatre etc.

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