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Dusseldorf Tour Guide

Travel options: S-bahn, SkyTrain, Stadtbahn, and taxis

Flights: Lufthansa, Alitalia, Air France

Best time to visit: May - July

Best Hotels: Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf, Renaissance Düsseldorf Hotel and Steigenberger Parkhotel

Dusseldorf Overview

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Located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf is Germany's main financial and media centre. Don't be deterred, its not all stuffiness and bright spotlights that the city offers. Scratch a little under the surface and you will find a place, that is home to the arts with a magnetic down-to-earth charm. When day falls, the city erupts with great nightlife, and bustles with its manifold cultural events. Anyone will find something he or she can relate to. One more thing, the city is ranked fifth in the Top cities with high quality of life.  

1. Points of Interest 
  • Altstadt
  • Düsseldorf Film Museum
  • Kaiserswerth
  • Mahn- und Gedenkstätte
  • Navigation Museum (Schiffahrtmuseum)
  • Schloss Benrath
2. Geography and climate 
A major chunk of the city is located on the eastern side of the Rhine. The city experiences good weather throughout the year. Summers are fabulous with a throbbing outdoor cafe culture. Winters aren't very harsh either and Christmas is a great occasion to celebrate here.
3. Districts 
Divided into 10 administrative districts, each called a Bezirk. These are further segmented into boroughs. All in all, there are 49 boroughs in this city.
4. Air Travel 
The city is served by the non-stop Düsseldorf International airport (aka Rhein-Ruhr Airport). Extremely convenient, as it is only 8km/5miles away from the city centre and you can take both the S-Bahn or the train to reach.
5. Society and culture 
Better lifestyle and opportunities attract a lot of people to settle down in Düsseldorf. Come tot honk of it, 17% of the populace consists of foreigners. The highest numbers of foreigners are from Turkey, Greece and Italy.

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