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Lyon Tour Guide

Travel options: Metros, buses, trams, taxis, bikes etc

Flights: Lufthansa, Air France,

Best time to visit: June - September

Best Hotels: Hotel Cour Des Loges, La Tour Rose and Villa Florentine

Lyon Overview

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Compared to other cities in France, not many hold such culinary and cinematic importance as Lyon. Lyon is also home to the world's most exquisite silks. No trip is complete without filling up your tummy in one of the many bouchons and bistros that serve up authentic and delightful Lyonnaise cuisine. If you are in Lyon, remember that extraordinary architect Le Corbusier left his designs everywhere in the city. Lyon is a refined city that takes care of its wonderfully rich heritage while moving ahead. 

1. Points of Interest 
  • Place Bellecour
  • Tour métallique de Fourvière
  • Opéra National de Lyon
  • Saint-Jean and the Croix-Rousse areas
  • Sainte Marie de La Tourette monastery
2. Geography and climate 
Lyon stands on the banks of both the Saône and Rhône. Thanks to the cold winds from the Alps, and the warm winds from the Mediterranean, Lyon mostly has a temperate climate. Winter gets too cold.
3. Districts 
Lyon consists of 9 municipal arrondissements. An arrondissement is similar to a borough.
4. Air Travel 
The nearest airport is the famed Saint-Exupéry International Airport, the erstwhile Lyon Satolas Airport. This airport is situated 20 km away from Lyon.
5. Society and culture 
During the 15th century, Lyonnaise was spoken, this was replaced with French. Though Christianity has the most numbers, other religions, such as Jewish, Muslim, Buddhism and many others are practised.

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