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Cannes Tour Guide

Travel options: Shuttle bus, taxis, ferries, TGV and trains

Flights: British Airways, Emirates, Gulfair

Best time to visit: June - September

Best Hotels: InterContinental Carlton, Hotel Splendid and Le Martinez

Cannes Overview

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As part of the French Riviera aka Cote d'Azur, Cannes is the playground of the beautiful and wealthy who live the most decadent lifestyles. After the first half of May, this exceptionally vibrant city gets an additional jolt of high-voltage glamor with the arrival of the Cannes International Film Festival. Cannes is also home to Cannes Lions International Advertising festival. Take a stroll in the Boulevard de la Croisette and soak in the city's manifold exuberance. A must do is a trip to the castle and tower of Castrates. Additionally, another popular recommendation is a visit to the vault of Holy-Anne and Notre-Dame church of the Hope.

1. Points of Interest 
  • La Croisette
  • the city on high (Haute ville),
  • the Palace of festivals
  • Rue Meynadier
  • the old port
2. Geography and climate 
Located in close proximity to the Maritime Alps, Cannes is famed for its stunning beaches and mild Mediterranean climate. Nice is 36 kms away while Monaco is 55 kms away. If you do not like crowds then early autumn is the best time. If you want to catch the stars then may is the time. Summer too is a pleasant time to visit Cannes. Come November, most hotels and restaurants shut down.
3. Districts 
Cannes is part of the French Riviera. And is located in France's southeastern coast, just by the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
4. Air Travel 
The nearest airport is 36 kms away in Nice.
5. Society and culture 
Over a century ago, Cannes was only a small fishing seaport. Now, it has grown to become one of the hottest and most expensive destinations worldwide. Though located in France, this city attracts people from countries all around the world.

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