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Avignon Tour Guide

Travel options: Eurostar, train, bus, boat, taxis etc

Flights: Air France, Ryanair, Aigle Azur

Best time to visit: June - September

Best Hotels: La Mirande, Mercure Pont and Hotel D Europe

Avignon Overview

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This region is rustic French countryside at its finest making it the crown jewels of the region of Provence. It has a rich history of popes, great artists, stunning monuments, beautiful landscapes, and the famed St Bénézet's Bridge (Le Pont Saint-Benezet). Avignon is home to the world famous annual theatre festival when the city's streets come to live with artists, performers and alike. Another secret gem of the city is the slow food experience, very French, almost too perfect for a great relaxing holiday.

1. Points of Interest 
  • Le Pont Saint-Benezet
  • Musée Angladon
  • Musée Calvet
  • Musée Lapidaire
  • Notre Dame des Doms
  • Palace of the Popes
2. Geography and climate 
This beautiful region is the capital city of Vaucluse and is located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. On the left bank of the river Rhone, lies the city. Avignon stands on an elevation of 10 m–122 m.
3. Air Travel 
Without its own airport, the city is served by the Marseille-Provence Airport aka Marseille-Marignane Airport, which is at a distance of 80km (50 miles) from the city. It is managed by the Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI).
4. Society and culture 
This city in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, is a true multi-cultural city where there are Celts, Slavs, Basque, Latin with Teutonic, those from North Africa and many more. Roman Catholic is the most commonly practiced religion here, followed by Protestant Christianity, Judaism, Islam etc.

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