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Aix En Provence

Aix En Provence Tour Guide

Travel options: Bus, Car and Bicycles

Flights: British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France

Best time to visit: September - June

Best Hotels: Villa Gallici, Le Pigonnet Domaine de Ch√Ęteauneuf

Aix En Provence Overview

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Aix en provence is built over hot springs. It is quite favorably situated, which also gives it a pleasant climatic condition. The city has a lot to offer with respect to art, culture and music. Its museums has some finest of collections of art, while its old architectures boast of its rich past and besides being a hub for musical events.

1. Points of Interest 
  • Cours Mirabeau
  • Cathédrale Saint Sauveur
  • Palais de Justice
  • Palais de l'Archêveché
  • La Rotonde
  • Quartier Mazarin
2. Geography and climate 
It is situated on a plain overlooking the Arc to the south of France. It has a very warm climate with pleasant summers and mild winters .Though it does occasionally gets very cold in the winters.
3. Air Travel 
Aix is served by the international airport of Marseille-Provence at Marignane on the Etang de Berre. There is a frequent bus shuttle service there from the main bus station in Aix.
4. Society and culture 
The city a very free minded and liberal social setup. The people are warmhearted and friendly. The pulse of the city is its vibrating cultural and musical life. Its Festival d'Aix-en-Provence and Musique dans la Rue two significant musical events which happen every year.

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