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Shanghai Airlines

Shanghai Airlines is a popular airline company based in Shanghai, People's Republic of China. Incorporated  in 1985, it is China's first commercial airline of multidimensional investment. Being the Fifth largest carrier in China, Shanghai Airlines has operational bases at both Hongqiao International and Pudong International airports located in Shanghai, China. This airline company has developed routes reaching most of the large and medium cities throughout China along with ten international destinations. In today's fast-paced society, there is no time for people to stand in the queue for long hours to book first class or business class tickets, but when you have an airline company like Shanghai, one does not have to worry about it.

With its business philosophy  “Safety First, Customer Priority, Quality Service and Excellence Orientation”, Shanghai Airline offers flights to more than 140 domestic and 11 international and regional destinations. With Shanghai Airlines, one can feel confident in booking their first class and business class travel tickets anytime. Due to its outstanding services to the huge number of people who fly with them, in 2004 it was accredited by IATA with IOSA certificate. It is the first airline company certified with this prestigious civil aviation license in China and even in north Asia.

Currently, it has a fleet of 59 aircraft, including Boeing 737, 757 and 767 series and work is going on to increase the size to 100 by 2010. With the most discounted and special rates one can travel to any destination of their choice through Shanghai Airlines. Book your business or first class airline ticket with Shanghai Airlines and get a chance to experience outstanding hospitality for which the company is known world wide.
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