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Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is the flag carrier airline of Qatar and is based in Doha. It operates on a very large hub and spoke network covering about 81 destinations across the world. First class travel, Qatar Airways, is one of the finest in the world as the airline has a distinction of a five star ranking for service and excellence from Skytrax. Only five other airlines in the world have the same ranking as Qatar airways. Other accolades acquired by the airline include the “Best Crew In The Middle East” and “Second Best Crew In The World” for the fourth year in a row in 2006.

Qatar Airways business class airline travel offers one of the most luxurious and comfortable experiences of traveling by air. The new A340-600 and A330 in its fleet offer some of the most exquisite cabins for a business class travel. The pleasure of flying the airline is enhanced when you get to enjoy facilities such as the 160 degree recliner seats, independent lumbar support and a foot massage bar. The airline offers some of the most luscious meals on board and you could very well find yourself relishing six-course meals featuring hors d'oeuvre, anti pasta, Arabic mezzas, salads, cheeses, desserts, fresh fruits, a full coffee service and luxury chocolates.

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