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Korean Airlines

Korean Air, known formerly as Korean Air Lines is the flag carrier airline of South Korea. Its global headquarters is located in Seoul, South Korea. The airline serves around 130 cities in 45 countries, while its domestic division serves 20 destinations. The Korean Air fleet consists of the following aircrafts:

  • Airbus A300-600R    
  • Airbus A330-200    
  • Airbus A330-300    
  • Airbus A380-800    
  • Boeing 737-700    
  • Boeing 737-800    
  • Boeing 737-900    
  • Boeing 737-900ER    
  • Boeing 747-400    
  • Boeing 777-200ER    
  • Boeing 777-300    
  • Boeing 777-300ER    
  • Boeing 787-8

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